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A Letter From Your Editors

Hi there,

My name is Liz and I am very pleased to be able to introduce myself as one of Off-Key’s blog editors. I am an actor and theatre creator based in Toronto. I graduated last June with a BA in Drama and History from the University of Toronto and I cannot wait to put all my editing skills – honed over years of paper writing – to work for this project.

Part of what excites me about this blog is the opportunity for us to explore what theatre might mean, do, and look like to different people in our city. To do this, we are looking for poetry, visual art, short stories, recipes, music, opinion pieces, diary entries, riddles, jokes, and/or photographs to feature alongside more traditional theatre reviews. There are so many ways to talk about theatre and our communities. Theresa, my co-editor, and I have some ideas about what kinds of regular segments we’d like to feature, but we would love to hear from you – you know what they say about more heads being better!

And I'm Theresa! I'm so excited to be taking on the position of co-editor for Off-Key’s new blog. I'm an actor and theatre practitioner living in Toronto. I've studied theatre at Concordia University and the University of Toronto. Managing this blog along with Liz is a welcome challenge in moving forward after school.

This blog holds a special place in my heart as a child of the Internet age. Online spaces and social media have worked miracles for representation and sharing information. I really believe that our blog has the potential to become an open space for like-minded and artistic individuals; something that I grew up wishing I had.

Together, we hope to build a diverse community of readers and contributors, and to this end we are committed to ensuring that blog content is as varied and accessible as possible. If you have any questions or would like to submit work to our blog, send an email to liz.offkey@gmail.com or theresa.offkey@gmail.com. Let’s get posting!


Liz and Theresa